before going into code we need first to settle some important informations

C++ is originally called C with classes so it’s really a subset of C  , however C++ have a lot more Features than C ; including some basic things like inputs and outputs

do you mean that Scanf () and printf() and getche()  works in C++ ? yeah they do  =)  actually all C functions do work on C++

Great  so that means we don’t need to read about functions , arrays and all the C stuff ,,, yeah however we will elaborate some important things and offcourse things related to data structure

so let’s  code :

in the begining this is a let’s describe how to configure visual studio for a hello world program ,and a sample code to make a simple hello world program

the source code project  from here : Download

  • open new project  cntrl + shift + N
  • click new win 32 console application
  • click on console application  and empty project
  • then on the right click on the solution explorer
  • if you cant find the solution explorer click show it from View next to file in the menu  or click  cntrl +alt + L
  • and write the following in the  main file

  • #include <iostream>
    using namespace std ; 
    void main () { 
     cout << "hello world " ; 
  • click cntrl +f5 to run


  • #include <iostream>    // this to include the libraries for console output  .. has alot of similarities with stdio.h “standard input and output” library in C
  • using  .. this keyword in C++ is like we say assume that we are using , the following so we write using namespace std  , in order not to say  std::cout  and write cout  alone , (we will explain what’s the name space later on )
  • cout is like printf  it takes a string and prints it into the console