actually most of us when beginning to write a C++ code for example we write

using namespace std ;

but most of us doesn’t recognize what does that mean and what’s the Namespace  so this topic basically will talk about namespaces

what’s the NAMESPACE :

it’s and entity that can group inside it a number of classes , object and functions . it’s name is divided into two section ” name ” , ” space ” so actually it’s a space designed for the name of the variable , to prevent the collision of names , suppose you have a function called connect ()  and you want to make a newer version of it inside the same File , and you don’t want to go through alot of naming Connect_new , Connect_newer  …etc so we assign a namespace for  each one

to access elements inside the name space we need to use the operator  ” :: ”  ;

for example

namespace  mynamespace
int x , y ;
void main () {
mynamespace::x ;
mynamespace::y ;

multiple name spaces in the same file :

more things that make naming collision :

if you are including two header files, those header files have a common function naming inside it which function will get  executed when called ?  acutally nothing will get executed and and error appears calling

 error C2084: function 'connect()' already has a body

the using operator :

using operator is a keyword that introduces a certain namespace to a specific region so when you write

using namespace mynamespace  ;

you can call connect function without using the operator ::

mynamespace::connect () ;
using namespace mynamespace ;
connect() ;    // it should work now  =)

Namespace STD :

all standard libraries inside C++ standard library lies in the name space std , so we  always write the name space std to call the attributes at once  instead of writing

std::cout<<"hellow world " ;
std::cin>> x ;
using namespace std ;
cout <<"now no need to use std:: " ;

that’s it , this is acutally every thing about the explanation of ” using namespace std ; ” for any further questions  don’t hesitate to ask here or DM me  i always check my DMs  @hadyelsahar